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Have you ever wanted to buy one of our ScoutBooks, PlayBooks or ScoreBooks, but you needed it NOW? You can now buy the digital download version of all our great NoteBook products that help you save time and stay organized.

With the simple click of a button, we will send you the inside pages of your favorite product–the same ones printed in our physical products. You get instant access and can start scouting, drawing up plays or keeping score immediately. We also have a cost savings bundle where you get them all for one low price.

*Please see product details below for more information regarding digital downloads

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Just some quick info

These items are not custom and are meant to be printed at home or a local copy store

All are 100 black/white pages  (50 pages when printed front/back) and exactly the same as our physical product. We recommend two sided printing.

With purchase, you receive 5 total digital downloads. Download anytime as there is no expiration date on the 5 downloads.

You will receive an email with the initial download instructions. After that, you can log into your G-board account to access the files.

If you purchase all the All Star Package, all files will be bundled and sent/downloaded as a .zip file


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