Product Highlight: White Boards

No desire to customize?  No need to brand your team and your board?  Just want it simple? 

We have listened to your feedback and have a solution for you at a competitive price.

We would like to introduce you to G-board Non-Customized Dry Erase White Boards now available in EVERY sport that we offer.

No need to go to a big box retailer or another website, G-board has you covered for all your dry erase needs.

***Don’t forget to add some extra Dry Erase Markers***


G-board’s White Boards are the perfect way to order your G-board, get it quick with no frills.

White Board Highlights:

  • Available in ALL of our sport options
  • Standard and Large Size
  • No Customization:  Just add to the shopping cart and go
  • Clip attached to the back side of the board
  • Lines printed with black ink on white background
  • Rounded corners for safe handling
  • Comes with our Click Dry Erase Marker