StickerBoard- Basketball PeelG-board’s outstanding selection of customizable Sticker Boards, provides sports coaches of all levels with a durable & highly functional tool for communicating important information to players and assistant coaches in the locker room, office, or anywhere else. **

Every G-board Sticker Board has a diagram of the sport court or field of your choice, and can be personalized with your team’s colors, name and logo. We offer Sticker Boards for every major sport.

Our personalized sticker boards can be peeled and stuck on almost any surface of your choosing. They’re not permanent and, therefore, won’t damage your wall(s)! G-board Sticker Boards work just like our dry-erase boards — each one coming with a retractable dry erase pen.


  • Stick to your wall in seconds
  • No need to buy a big, bulky, expensive whiteboard to hang on the wall
  • Fully customized
  • Fast turnaround
  • Can be put almost anywhere**

Set a great example for team spirit with school colors and logos on a customized G-board Sticker Board. They can be given as appreciative gifts to coaches, assistant coaches, and other team supporters.

G-board Sticker Boards: a great coaching tool and an exceptional gift for that special Coach in your life.

**G-board recommends that you place your Sticker Board in one spot and keep it there.  Our Sticker Boards can be taken off the wall and moved to another location. Please note, the more you move your sticker board, the more you risk damage and losing some stick. Please move at your own risk, and try to keep the sticker flat at all times.