Team Motivation Tip #4- Know Your Players

This is our fourth and final in a series of four articles on Team Motivation: Know Your Players

Photo Courtesy of Danny Broussard

Photo Courtesy of Danny Broussard

Coach each player differently according to their personality

Every player is different.  There are different playing styles, personalities, confidence levels that make athletes different.  As a coach, you have to find the different strings you can pull to motivate each player.  Students in school learn differently, and so do athletes on the court.

Get to know each player.  See what they do well or not so well.  Feel out their comfort levels in different situations.  Some players will respond to more direct coaching methods, while others may feel threatened and play worse because they are either intimidated by their coach or afraid to do something wrong.

Try out different ways of explaining things, in different manners, tones, and physical actions.  Visual learners may not comprehend a verbal description of a pass route, but will understand immediately when watching someone running the route.

Understand that a lot of players need extra instruction or need to be shown something in multiple different ways to fully comprehend it.   Be patient and don’t get mad during teaching.

Most players need to be shown vocally, visually, and physically what to do to reinforce what you are teaching them.

Getting a team to play as one is the ultimate goal and this can only be accomplished through individual attention and motivation.