Boys of Spring

Boys of Spring
Written by:  Coach Dick Luther, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater


Basketball Tournament time across America takes over…..Good teams that qualify…..believe in their system, teammates and their coaches. You do not become tough in February and March. You have improved your toughness each and every game.

You now work to refine that toughness!! Toughness in the spring means you are not tired, you execute and play smart basketball. Toughness means you cut with a purpose, you read defenses, and you treat the basketball as a piece of gold. Toughness is taking the best % shot you can for your team.

Tough players talk all the time. To be tough…you love defense, always in a stance, tough team are hungry for defensive stops and you have a real pride in your team’s defensive average! Rebounding is really for tough players. Defensive rebounding is a team thing… and done.

Offensive rebounding is simply for tough kids who believe every shot is a miss and they are always on the move. Home court to tough teams is “Home Turf”…..similar to a War Zone.

Yes, playing in the spring is really that the boys have grown to play like men…..the entire team grows as well and has that certain edge……”Bring It On”. Tough teams see that the door is open to move on, and on and on! They know how to foul and when to foul. They have developed Mental Toughness as well as Physical Toughness.

Tough Players Do Not Start Now…..They Have Been There All Season (TOUGH TEAMS SMELL THE BLOOD)