G-board [“Company”] respects intellectual property rights and we prohibit users from uploading or otherwise transmitting on the Company website any materials that violate another party’s intellectual property rights. You (“User”) are solely responsible for the photos, logos, artwork, images and any other content that you upload onto the Company website.

User may not upload content that User did not legally create or that User does not have permission to post. User understands and agrees that the Company will not review or approve uploaded content, and that receipt of this content and use of it for the purpose of making a G-board product for User does not make G-board liable for any intellectual property infringement attributable to User in the uploaded content.

User understands and agrees that it will indemnify Company for any legal liability, including damages, legal fees and penalties, arising from any violation of another party’s intellectual property rights in User’s uploaded content. Company does not assert any ownership over User’s uploaded content. User retains full ownership of all of User’s uploaded content and any intellectual property rights associated with User’s uploaded content in the final G-board product.

G-board retains full ownership over intellectual property owned by G-board such as photos, logos, artwork, images and other content created by G-board independent of User’s content and which is applied to a final G-board product purchased by User. No new intellectual property rights accrue in the final G-board product delivered to User.