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From G-board’s original website (2008)

About Us


G-board is the industry leader in custom coaching boards and products. Started in 2008, G-board was formed by two high school coaches (basketball and cross country) to give coaches an alternative to the standard white play board.

G-board supports youth sports and donates a portion of each sale to help in the development of leagues and after school programs to enrich the lives of children around the world.



To become the number one game and sports board producer in the world by designing, manufacturing and marketing the highest quality, most attractive, and most innovative products. G-board has been in business since 2008, owned and operated by sports coaches for sports coaches!



1) Honesty: Our vision is to be a lasting, successful company. We wil only make decisions that are honest, ethical, and beneficial for the long term.

2) Higher Purpose: We are dedicated to contributing company resources to benefit youth sports, both at home and internationally.

3) Exceed Expectations: Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers, partners and employees.

4) Continuous Improvement: In our competitive environment, we will only be successful if we continuously improve.

5) Personal Ownership: Our products are so special that they are heartbreaking to be without.



Founded in 2008, G-board was the brain child of Tony Freccero and Steve Brown – with inspiration from Rogerio Werneck from Bolar Basketball Solutions . With limited resources, the duo began creating dry erase boards by hand in Tony’s home office. Over the next 4 years, the G-board has expanded their board business to retail and developed a line of custom coaching products, including: dry erase boards, scouting notebooks, posters and other creative concepts.

They have revolutionized the custom sport board business by developing the first “real time” customization engine and plastic coach boards at affordable prices. G-board is the only site that allows users to change colors, add text and pictures and see their creation come to life in front of them

Here is a look at some highlights from our first website.

G-board City Was built to showcase our products in an imaginary world where everything is sport. An interactive city, where you can turn on and off the stadium lights (just click on the upper right corner) to experience the city in all it’s wonder.

Watch G-board City come to life.