Getting Results- Summer Training

As a coach and full time business owner, I often struggled with coming up with a training regimen for my team to complete during the summer.  Summer is when the majority of the strength and skill training should take place, but it’s also the time when it’s hardest to get your entire team together to be on the same page.

Entering my 8th season as a high school basketball coach and owner of Triple Threat Academy (a basketball training school in Northern California), I needed to find something that not only gave results, but also leveraged the time of my kids and myself so everyone could do the workouts.

In my experience, giving a binder full of drills and exercises is about as effective as telling kids not to text while in class.  One year ago, I started researching programs that would give me a solution to getting my kids in shape and strong while at the same time, hold their hands through the process.

I’ve always been a big fan of P90x– the at home workout DVD’s- and recently, Beachbody (the company that makes P90x) has come out with several sports specific training programs that can be done at home.  My first thought was that you can’t do Sports Specific training from your home–boy was I wrong.


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After completing their 2 elite programs, Insanity Asylum and P90x2 I am convinced this is the most effective way to get results as a coach and teach kids how to workout on their own.  After completing P90x2, I increased my vertical jump over a foot and I am now 360 dunking–which I could never do 10 years ago when I was playing pro basketball in Australia and Brazil.

I’ve been having my athletes’ parents purchase the program DVDs (which also come with nutrition guides and optional supplements used by the USA Olympic Team) and have their kids do them as their training from home in 35-50 minutes per day–so there is never an excuse to not do their workout.   They simply put in the DVDs and follow along.

Also, many of the workouts can be done in a group setting with little or no equipment and don’t allow time for kids to fool around, talk or get extended water breaks–which can be a huge distraction.  The Insanity program is perfect for this and is some of the best cardio I’ve done.

G-board has decided to partner with Beachbody and offer these programs on our website for coaches to purchase and implement with their teams or use themselves to get in shape.  As I coach, I’ve found increased levels of respect from the kids when I am in shape, as opposed to out of shape.

The other great thing that comes along with buying the products from G-board, is you get us as your coaches if you have any questions on the program or nutrition–at no additional cost.  I am currently of one the first people in the country to be trained and earn P90x certification.  I have personally put myself through these programs with phenomenal success.

My business partner, Steve Brown, did Insanity Asylum, and is finishing up his first round of P90x. At the age of 58, he is in the best all-around shape of his life.  Steve has been an elite track and field/cross country coach for more than 20 years and he is part of the support team.

Check out the list of products that we offer and let us know if you have any questions.

Bring it!

Tony Freccero
Co-owner G-board