Character Building Coach #6- Know the Game

Know the Game

This is our sixth in a series of articles expanding on our tip sheet:  Seven Characteristics of a Character-Building Coach.

The masterful coach is a master of the game with a thorough understanding of its rules and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.  Successful coaches are committed to attending or teaching at coaching clinics, and constantly improving their knowledge.  There’s no substitute for preparation.  In order to succeed you need to plan and prepare for both the short run and long term efforts. 

1. Knowledge and Understanding for Success:

“Knowledge needs to be improved, challenged and increased constantly or it vanishes.”  Peter Drucker [Worldwide Expert on Leadership and Continuous Improvement]

1.       A fundamental knowledge of the area they’ve been hired to manage

2.       A relatively high — but not manic — level of energy and enthusiasm and a personality that is upbeat, motivated and animated.

3.       The ability to discern talent in potential athletes.

4.       An ability to communicate in a relaxed yet authoritative — but not authoritarian — manner.

5.       Unconditional loyalty to both you and other staff members.”  

2.  Preparation and Dedication for Success:

 “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect….The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”  Vince Lombardi [Green Bay Packers Coach]

 “A winning effort begins with preparation.”  Joe Gibbs [Washington Redskins Coach]

“To be a successful coach you should be and look prepared. You must be a man of integrity. Never break your word. Don’t have two sets of standards. Remember you don’t handle players–you handle pets. You deal with players. Stand up for your players. Show them you care–on and off the court. Very important–it’s not ‘how’ or ‘what’ you say but what they absorb.”   Red Auerbach [Boston Celtics Coach]

“In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept constructive criticism. Without a total 100 percent dedication, you won’t be able to do this.” Willie Mays [Hall of Fame Center Fielder]